Basic Dog Grooming Tips

Dog grooming is not just about attending to their needs like bathing, nail trimming, making them look nice and presentable but it is also the best time for you to develop the important relationship with your pets. Dogs which are well-groomed, kept clean and tidy will have lesser chance to fall sick and there are basically some simple rules which you will need to follow. But first of all, let us discuss about the grooming tips which should be in your daily schedule.



Bathing is very important as it will ensure that the dead skin, hair and the foul odor is removed. Dogs although will normally detest your action but if you make it as pleasant as possible for them, they will just accept it as part of their daily normal routine. During bathing time, make sure that you use the correct type of shampoo, one which will prevent fleas’ infestation and one which can give the natural coat protection especially for dogs with long hair. Also make every effort not to get the soap in their eyes and if possible, use some form of ear plug which can be bought at the pet shops to prevent water from going into their ears.

Eye Care
Eye care is probably the next most important thing which you will need to watch out for all the time. Nothing is worse than seeing your dogs having a bad eye infection that can be very difficult to deal with. Apart from spending a huge amount of money for medication and the constant visit to the vets, eye infection will also put your dogs under unnecessary stress. To avoid all these, it is very important that you put some effort to make a close observation each time that you spend time with your pets. An early sign of infection will have the eyes appear slightly reddish and as the condition worsens, it will become swollen. When you see the early stage of eye infection taking place, a good remedy is to use some eye droplets made specially for dogs.